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Maps and recommended access to Palamos

7 February 2018

Please find attached the maps with the recommended way to reach the Club on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th.


Safe travels and see you soon in Palamós!


Saturday 10 Feb – Main Carnival parade in the afternoon

Sunday, 11 Feb - Morning children parade


Teams arriving before 11th February in Palamós will be based at the Club for their trainings.

Teams arriving on Sunday 11th February must go directly to the beach venue. There will be an access control and you just need to identify yourselves at the checkpoint and then collect your car pass.


Car pass
Car passes will be provided at registration and can also be collected from the Sailing Club Office during the days prior to registration.

All cars must be identified with the regatta car pass.


The beach regatta venue opens on Sunday 11th at 3 pm. Teams training on Sunday, can sail directly to the beach after the day’s training. Night security service starts on Sunday.

We look forward to welcoming all teams in Palamós for lots of fun and great sailing!

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7 Feb 2018